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[req] L'eprica lyrics [Apr. 8th, 2016|09:06 pm]
Jrock lyrics! Translations & Discussions

[music |ムニムニ - BIG MONEY]

hello good old LJ users. if you happen to be reading this i'm in dire need of L'eprica lyrics. anything is fine, including scans.
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DIR EN GREY - ARCHE [Dec. 19th, 2014|12:56 am]
Jrock lyrics! Translations & Discussions


Good evening/day/night/morning~

I transcribed and romanized ARCHE.

You can find it here in my journal.

There shall be some translations which I will add in links in the original album post. So far, there's Behind a vacant image and 空谷の跫音.

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lynch. lyrics [Mar. 27th, 2012|01:30 pm]
Jrock lyrics! Translations & Discussions


Hello! Recently I've been bored at work and that leads to translating lyrics when it's quiet. I lived in Japan as an exchange student and I am definitely not fluent but I have enough grasp of Japanese grammar that I have been able to recognize words and string sentences together.

I have translated the lyrics for Latin Maria and Prominence by lynch., because they're two of my favourite songs by them. The translations are definitely not perfect but I also tried to make it flow in English so it's a mix of that and what I like to think is accuracy! :)

Read moreCollapse )
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Dir en grey concert tickets up for grabs! [Oct. 9th, 2011|01:23 am]
Jrock lyrics! Translations & Discussions


Hey guys,

I have two pit tickets for the Dir en grey concert in New York City this December, but I can't make the show. I have to sell. ;_;

Message me if you're interested!

"Pit seats" are general admission tickets in an area directly in front of the stage with no actual seating. The earlier you get there the closer you are to the band.
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aicle. - Gaikotsu no Uta [Jun. 20th, 2011|07:10 pm]
Jrock lyrics! Translations & Discussions
[music |Skunk Anansie - Cheap Honesty]

I have translated this song 2 years ago and didn't really post anywhere, duh. Anyway, my English may not be correct sometimes, so if you see any mistakes - let me know!

Not sure if I should make lj-cut, but I will anyway~

The song of skeleton~Collapse )
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Request: Lyrics [Mar. 30th, 2011|02:52 am]
Jrock lyrics! Translations & Discussions

[Tags|, , ]

I'm looking for any lyrics by the Japanese band named diva.

Mainly looking for lyrics to their song 'Awake'.

Also looking for any lyrics by VIRGENOW and gemmik (not gimmick). gemmik, the one with Kuon as vocalist. (The guy spinning in my icon from their PV 'A Stiff Tells'.)

Thank you very much for your time.

NOTE: Preferably the lyrics be typed out, so that I have the kanji and romaji, please.
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request ^^ [Feb. 24th, 2011|08:39 pm]
Jrock lyrics! Translations & Discussions

good evening everyone.

I've been searching for FLiP lyrics. ang couldn't find any

if you have the lyrics of FLiP - カザーナ  (i don't even know the title in romaji) sorry 

please do share it to me m(_-_)m

romaji lyrics is all i need. 

thanks in advance!

here's a youtube video for it


(i don't own any of it ^^)
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Request: G-zas [Feb. 6th, 2011|02:56 pm]
Jrock lyrics! Translations & Discussions

[mood |hopefulhopeful]
[music |D'espairsRay - Devil's Parade]

I'm looking for the lyrics to the songs Slave Zone and Emotional Wing, particularly in romaji form. Translations aren't necessary, but still appreciated.

Thank you in advance!
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Lycaon - Kesshouka [Jan. 29th, 2011|07:53 pm]
Jrock lyrics! Translations & Discussions

[music |SCREW - ANCIENT RAIN | Powered by Last.fm]

Hello everyone~

I just finished a translation of Lycaon's Kesshouka.

If you're interested, you can find it here

→ Kesshouka ←
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UnsraW - under the skin / tsuioku no kanata [Nov. 30th, 2010|01:49 pm]
Jrock lyrics! Translations & Discussions

[music |Kagrra, - 幻憶 | Powered by Last.fm]

Hello everyone~

I finished two more UnsraW translations, to be found on my journal.

under the skin

~tsuioku no kanata~
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