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Hello! Recently I've been bored at work and that leads to translating lyrics when it's quiet. I lived in Japan as an exchange student and I am definitely not fluent but I have enough grasp of Japanese grammar that I have been able to recognize words and string sentences together.

I have translated the lyrics for Latin Maria and Prominence by lynch., because they're two of my favourite songs by them. The translations are definitely not perfect but I also tried to make it flow in English so it's a mix of that and what I like to think is accuracy! :)

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aicle. - Gaikotsu no Uta

I have translated this song 2 years ago and didn't really post anywhere, duh. Anyway, my English may not be correct sometimes, so if you see any mistakes - let me know!

Not sure if I should make lj-cut, but I will anyway~

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Kuon spin around XD

Request: Lyrics

I'm looking for any lyrics by the Japanese band named diva.

Mainly looking for lyrics to their song 'Awake'.

Also looking for any lyrics by VIRGENOW and gemmik (not gimmick). gemmik, the one with Kuon as vocalist. (The guy spinning in my icon from their PV 'A Stiff Tells'.)

Thank you very much for your time.

NOTE: Preferably the lyrics be typed out, so that I have the kanji and romaji, please.
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Request: G-zas

I'm looking for the lyrics to the songs Slave Zone and Emotional Wing, particularly in romaji form. Translations aren't necessary, but still appreciated.

Thank you in advance!
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