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RENTRER EN SOI - Ushinawareta Fuukei no Yume -UNPLUGGED-

I don't know if this was posted before,so anyways I found the romaji and french translation on this site www.nautiljon.com/paroles/rentrer+en+soi/ushinawareta+fuukei+no+yume.html

I only did translate it to English

When I lift my eyes
The city, which has not changed at all since that day

No matter how many times that my memories echo in my heart
Have they completely left?

Just once
Return when lost

You made me say goodbye to the season when the cherry blossoms fall

I accepted the end but I knew I would never be able to forget

Still now, I want to be by your side
Even though I know it's impossible

I am alone in my loneliness shot
I want to see you again ... I can not see you again ...

Tears ran down my cheeks

Until the end, I could never show you my weaknesses
But now, I can tell you what I feel treasured in my heart, these feelings will never die

My heart is dispersed in the season filled with thousands of blossoms

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